Android Apps

Revolution of latest updates concerning the Android apps

Introduction on Android Apps

At the establishments of new age modernization into latest technology, this kept on changing along with the trend. Similarly nowadays there has been a huge alteration regarding the lives of mobile with additional applications which are to be used by the cell phone users. Google has brought its innovation of android phones which are now on a huge selling scale. This has also made an earning factor for the software developers to learn the formation of certain android or application software’s. Android developers have the platform to learn basic codes of the android development. However, Android has full assortments of computing services and rich functional support. This makes it a potential site to extend beyond the mobile-phone market. Applications software’s are been designed to help people to perform an activity. Before getting a whole lot of idea regarding the android apps there is a need to understand the basics.

Portray the theme Android applications and its concise history

Introducing the android as the young and yet-unproven platform, has the potential to play at both ends of the mobile phone range and perhaps even bridge the gap between work and play. At present numerous network-based or network-capable appliances run an essence of the Linux kernel. It is known to be a solid platform which is cost-effective to install and support. It can be readily accepted as a good design of approach for development. From looking over the software development perspective, Android sits spank in the middle of the open source world. Now the Android platform is the product of the Open Handset Alliance, which is a group of organizations that work in partnership to build better mobile phones.

It is a group which led by Google, embrace mobile operators, device handset manufacturers, component manufacturers, software solution, platform providers and marketing companies. The first innovation of the Android –capable handset which was showcased was the G1, a device manufactured by the HTC and provisioned on T-mobile. After some speculations, where there was a lone software development tools available, were a number of incrementally improving SDK releases. Now as the release date of the G1 came nearer the Android team brought the launching of SDK V1.0 and after which the applications started surfacing for the new platform. Just before encourage the innovations, Google sponsored two rounds of the Android Developer Challenges, where the millions of dollars were give to the top contest submissions. Later on after few months, after the launch of G1, the Android Market was at large, which kept on allowing users to browse and download applications directly to their phones.

Latest ongoing Android Applications

Google Play is one of the major apps downloading portals for the Android phone users. Increasing number of users has brought an availability of various applications that could help people to make things easier and understandable for them. Android applications are not always for free some of the applications do have their costs and latest features attached with them. The Google has always observed its increasing number of app downloading users, which expect more from the previous apps now. Similarly below are some of the famous applications and their developers which are on the top most position in paid as well as free installation.

Sr.No. Name of the Apps Developers Installation costs/free
1. Gmail, Chrome Browser, Street View on Google Maps, Voice Search Google+, Google play books, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies Google Free Installation
2. Facebook, Whats app Messenger, Facebook Messenger Facebook Free Installation
3. My Talking Tom, Talking Tom Cat 2 Free, Talking Tom Cat Free Outfit7 Free
4. Smart Tools Smart Toolsco. Installation costs
5. Angry Birds Space Rovio Mobile Ltd. Installation costs
6. Camera ZOOM FX androidslide Installation costs
7. HD Widgets CloudTV Installation costs

Latest News Headlines on Android devices
1. Android One raise its bars to include Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal


Into the coming weeks, the Androids one which is known to be the Google’s proposal for the well-spaced, low-cost devices is now expanding its roots to three new countries. After having a successful launching in India, now the Google is bringing the Androids One program to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. One of the extraordinary manufactures collaborations which included Karbonn, Spice and Micro max, Symphony is one of the manufacturer based out of the Bangladesh is also arriving. These phones will be sold directly from the manufacturers as well as through the manifold carrier partnerships. Now the Android One provides with the specs lists, blueprints and simple guidelines for the manufacturers to follow in order to create high-quality phones at the lowest reasonable prices that are needed to sell them. This program launched in India, where the Android one device made their platform clear with the best performances.

2. Launch of the Lollipop rumored to be arriving as Android Wear


Every other Android device user is excited to get the latest update about the Lollipop on their smart phone. Manufacturers are now recreating skins on the top of the new OS, and the carriers inevitably delaying the updates, this would be delaying the updates for a while. Gradually, the users or the owners of the Google Play and Nexus edition devices are far luckier. Android Wear devices are available currently on the KitKat. The updates regarding Lollipop will include new watch faces, quick brightness toggles, more accessibility features, un doing swiping away a card along with an enhanced battery life. There are some more features to this wearable which the spectators are unaware of.

In the end the Android rumours, news and latest updates are to be expected every day. As Google gives out something new to its spectators and followers, there will be a lingering around of these updates straight right ahead towards the markets. Thus Android applications and mobile phones have changed the entire life of every human being with certain advantages as well. Get experienced with the latest dimensions of the Android apps.