Android Mobiles

Android mobiles-an enthusiastic way of diversity

Android mobiles have conveyed an entire new wave of understanding mobile phones in a unique manner. Recently, there have been diverse Android mobile phones launched. Being one of the successful inventions of the Google, Android Market has drastically grown soon after its launch. Smart phones were ones the king of the mobile market in 2012, but right now there are mammoth modifications and latest technology which has made Android one of the most ongoing systems. Another most ongoing thing related to Android phones is the applications and widgets that are now on the lips of every end user. There are software companies that are hiring people who develop android apps, as Google has organized a competition of application developers; where they would give away millions to the winner to build apps for them. Android has also been renowned amongst the Asia Pacific, which is hugely known as China market. As of now there is an immense variety of mobile companies that have entered into the market and who took Android’s help to increase their sell. To discern further about these Android mobiles beneath are the elements that provides whole lot of information about the same.


Introduction of a mobile

Mobile phones can also be described as a cellular device which was once used by the means of communication. But conveniently mobiles have faced certain modifications by the technologies. Motorola was the first mobile company that brought radio mobiles to this world. Modern mobile phones now support a wide range of other services such as MMS, sms or text messaging, emails, Internet access, short-range wireless communications such as Bluetooth, gaming, business applications, day-to-day instant messaging, sending pictures and videos, recording voice notes, getting into google maps and photography all these variety of services are available with the Android mobile phones. The mobile phones that offer the general computing capabilities are referred as smart phones. There are the top cell phone manufacturers which lead the market such as Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Micromax, Lava, Karbonn and LG. China mobile phones are one of the most famous manufacturers as they work hand in hand when it is too enhancing latest technology. The Chinese mobile manufacturers are termed to be competitors amongst the top most manufacturers these years.

Android OS and its features

Android is an operating system which is called OS which is based on the Linux kernel and currently developed by Google. According to its user interface which is based on direct manipulation, Android is been principally designed for the touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Touch inputs is been used by the OS that loosely correspond to real-world actions to operates on screen objects with a virtual keyword. Android is one of the largest selling OS which is been used widely. Android is well known into technology companies. One of the main aspects are usually battery-powered, it is designed to manage RAM, to manage its consumption at a minimum point. Android users have the most battery saving ability, that when these applications are no longer in use, the system will automatically suspend it in memory, while technically speaking these applications are open. The interface that helps to understand the notifications, are to be accessed by sliding from the top of the display, any of the other notifications or contain additional functions. Android OS has a default user interface which is based on direct operation, organizing the multiple onscreen notifications, sliding, scrolling etc.

Applications which made Android famous

Android mobiles have brought the storm of applications altogether at its place. One of the famous Google Play it contains apps downloads and installer has always been at the top of the charts. There are at huge demands for these applications developer as these help the people in various ways. Applications have now made things easier for the people to understand anything whether it be about knowledge or wor. It has also made applications that have business elements into it. The applications such as Facebook, Facebook messenger, Gmail, Hangouts, Google Play Music or Movies, Whatsapp, hike, Viber, Wechat etc all these applications are full of conversations improvers and makes it easier for anyone to convey their messages. Also, android is an open source platform that allows mobile applications developers to build Android based applications without even paying for any licence fees.


Impact of Android mobiles applications on the International market

Android 1.0 OS Mobile, was introduced to the world with HTC Dream Mobile in the year 2008. Android operating system is powered amongst million mobile devices. In more than 190 countries across the world, Android OS has its impact on each and every countries mobile market. Being a Linux based mobile, with a mobile operating system, that is programmed in C and C++, with an enhancing user-interface in Java.

  • There are ac huge variety of latest phones with 4G probability the phones namely, HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2, Google Nexus 5, LG G2, Nokia Lumia 1520, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, HTC One Mini are all the new arrivals.
  • LG G3, OnePlus One, Iphone 6, Sony Xperia Z3, HTC Butterfly, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge , HTC One-M8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are all the most popular android mobile operating systems.

Android Mobiles are now on the run. Go ahead and get one of them soon!!