IT Industry

IT industry: A boon for India’s economic growth

One can define Information Technology as the design, development and management of computer software and hardware. There is a recent boom in IT industry and as the result of which it has become one of the most robust industries of the world. Now, the sector has covered almost all aspects of computers. Of late, this industry is propelled and has gained much importance owing to its accessibility and utility. For the economic development of any developing country like India this industry proves to be a boon. In the era of globalization, IT industry has become indispensable for high GDP growth.

There is a wide range of duties that IT professionals perform and these duties range from managing of data, networking, managing and engineering hardware, tackling database, monitoring software designs etc. With the rise in networking technology and the spate in the avenues like communication, entertainment and information, the demand for IT sector has increased manifold. Now, the industry is trying to integrate itself with other growing technologies like cell phones, automobiles, televisions etc and therefore it is responsible for generating a lot of employment opportunities.

There is a slight difference between IT and IT enabled services. The latter term is for the services that are rendered by telecom networks whereas IT industry focuses on the development of software management and manufacturing of hardware services. The IT industry has withstood the recent economic downturn and it has continued to achieve a sustainable amount of growth. The sector is one of the major employers and it has witnessed some amount of salary increase per year. The major players of the industry continue to grow and the several small enterprises have also grown.

There is a strong demand both for hardware and software in India because of the rising growth rate of our economy, the low cost man power that have advanced knowledge and requisite skills and also the growing affluence of the middle class. All these factors are responsible for the sound growth of IT industry in India. The Indian government has realized the significance of this sector as an economic growth driver and therefore it is making every possible endeavor to gain high importance in global arena and also to meet the demands at domestic levels. There is a recent spate of Internet users and mobile subscribers and therefore to cater to their needs the government is laying emphasis on this sector.

Of late, the Indian IT sector has established a sound reputation for its amazing capability of developing software and rendering quality service in the field of information security. The big global players of IT industry acknowledge the superiority of Indian IT industry. Therefore, Indian IT industry has set a landmark in the field of information security. Indian IT professionals continue to fare better than their global counter parts as the result of which Indian IT industry has gained global importance. Indian IT industry continues to hire the best talent of the country. Those who are pursuing degrees in electrical engineering, computer science etc can opt to work for the IT industry, which is indeed one of the best career prospects and can hope for their high professional growth.