Windows Mobile

Unique and foremost Windows Operating Systems for Mobiles

Introduction and Innovation

The operating system has every chance to monopolize this smart phone market which is solely created by the Microsoft Company. Basically the Windows Phone was introduced by the Microsoft as the descendant to the Windows Mobile operating system at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, on the date of 15th February 2010. Windows Phone is now the newest or latest operating systems into this mobile market and it has also proved that a spec does not matter if the operating system is faultless for the hardware requests. This has now eluded the iPhone which sees overall dramatic increases in system performances for the better hardware. Windows was the only operating system for the cell phone companies which held Nokia on the run. Windows Phone was the beginning of the incorporation of all of its mobile, computer and gaming systems.



  • Windows filled all the basic gaps which clarified its statement, whereas the Windows Phone was released with the overall requirements of 1 gigahertz, processor, 5megapixel camera, 256 system RAM, Direct X9 rendering , FM radio turner, assisted GPS, accelerometer and ambient light sensor and proximity sensors.
  • The unique variety which Windows Phone hold is the current software requirements that it has which is full of Microsoft Office Suite with word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Office 365 and SharePoint.
  • Face book, combination that has no requirement for having a separate app though one is available, while it is termed to be useful even though it is not necessary.
  • Now there is new software which is known to be Xbox Live allows the users to access to their games that starts and Avatar as well as Xbox Live friend’s connection and for instant messaging.
  • It also includes the right of entry to Xbox Live spotlight videos. Now here is the hook, the user may set up a single inbox to receive all emails at one place though it can also be separated by folders so that they don’t get mashed altogether.
  • Another new extraordinary feature has the ME tile allows you to set your personal information and profile that allows quicker access to Face book posts for a message , set chat status, check in, what’s new and notifications in the end.
  • Under its People tile you can of course access all of your contact details from the sim card or either that you have backed up on the Google drive.
  • Another feature that adds ups with the boost of full bing search integration, this includes local search engine that we require as to get Bing Maps integration. One of the small but entertaining feature, where you can put in your favourite pictures and give a nice picture a show on the picture tile available on your home screen which keeps on changing with 3D effects to them.

Microsoft OS vs. Android OS vs. Apple iOS

  • Last year has been tremendously remarkable for the Smartphone’s, with the meteoric rise of the Google’s Android OS also with the restart of the Microsoft’s mobile strategy, with its much-ballyhooed release of the Windows Phone 7.
  • While, now because of continuity was in success of the Apple iPhone, which buoyed the latest availability to Verizon subscribers. Previously there were no such optional choices into these Smartphone market.
  • To make it more precise there is a need to understand which Smartphone operating system really gives its best. Now Microsoft has made what may be the biggest wager of all, by designing a phone that puts accessing information, rather than running apps, at the centre stage.
  • Apple where has always left with its old recipe for success when designing for iOS it kept it simple and elegant and combined the hardware to the operating system in a seamless ways as possible.
  • While for a meanwhile, Google is true to its technical roots, which gives you an operating system that you can tweak and customize to your heart’s content, it has also meant you to sometimes get confused along the way.
  • To make everything different, somewhat of this slogan when it comes to smart phone interfaces, Microsoft is the one who has made everything differently. When you go for a change then you will surely become the fan of the Windows Phone 7.
  • Windows quality into the Windows 7 is organized around all the series of hubs that displayed tiles that delivers information to the users at the time when you are performing any tasks. Windows Phone 7 has been designed to deliver information professionally so you can inclusive type of job at can be completed in hand and move on the something else.


Latest Updates

Windows Phone’s merely expect is the endeavor

As for now there are certain experts that have quoted that there is no future in the consumer market, for the Windows Phone. After struggling into the market precisely its market share is only at 3 percent and is declining. Like that of the Blackberry as it too got down being one of the most ongoing selling mobile phones into tremendously falling down because of the Android OS arrivals. Microsoft needs a little light to get back into action again, while its rather tough for Microsoft, but as a relevant players they shouldn’t lose hope by taking a chance right now.

Budget-friendly apps downloads from Windows Phone apps

Mobile apps developers are now considering Windows Phone sustaining quality for their apps. Mostly the Windows Phone app stores is more of a budget friendly and also have less than 512 MB of memory space needed. Nowadays there has been a great effect of the Windows phone apps which have made people go for such an easy and budget friendly apps to chose.