Caught on cam! Student carries traffic cop on car bonnet for 500 metres, arrested

Caught on cam! Student carries traffic cop on car bonnet for 500 metres, arrested

By Ashok Sharma: In a life-threatening incident in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur, a traffic policeman was carried atop a moving vehicle for over 500 metres after the driver refused to stop at the official’s instructions. It is said that the traffic cop intercepted the accused driver while he was talking on the mobile phone behind the wheel but instead of stopping to pay a penalty, he continued to move with the policeman on the vehicle’s bonnet.

The accused driver, Omaram Devasi, has been arrested for hitting the cop, moreover driving with the official on his vehicle’s front portion and escaping the fine.

The offence was caught on a CCTV installed in the area.

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The incident took place on Monday evening at Jodhpur’s medical intersection after a stationed traffic constable signalled a car driver to stop, who in turn, hit the policeman and continued to drive after the cop fell on his car’s bonnet.

Later, the police officials of Shastri Nagar police station reached the spot, took the car driver, Omaram Devasi, into custody and initiated a case of attempt to murder against him.

The traffic policeman on duty, Govind Vyas, sustained injuries on his arms and his mobile phone was damaged during the incident.

He said that he was chased at a high speed and was atop the moving car for over half a kilometre.

He told Aaj Tak, “The driver was talking on his mobile but did not stop the car.”

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