Delhi Metro starts ‘QR Code’ ticketing system on all routes from May 8

Delhi Metro starts ‘QR Code’ ticketing system on all routes from May 8

By Manish Chaurasiya: On May 8, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) introduced QR Code based paper ticket system on all of its routes.

To enable this system, DMRC has upgraded its Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates and customer care centres. Initially, 2 gates have been upgraded at every metro station to enable entry and exit using QR code-based paper tickets. DMRC also plans to start mobile-based QR tickets by the end of May to provide more efficient, hassle-free, and time-saving movement of passengers.

It will end the compulsion of passengers to buy tickets by physically going to the token counters.

How QR Code System at the stations

  • Passengers can only enter from the station from which the QR Code-based ticket (Non- Refundable) has been issued. Passengers will not be allowed to enter from any other station.

  • However, in the case of failure of the Revenue Services of DMRC, Incident Fare Mode will be applied at AFC gates to adjust the QR Code-based tickets will be adjusted.

  • Passengers can enter the metro system for up to 60 minutes of the issue of QR Code-based tickets. Further, no passengers will be allowed to enter the metro station beyond the period of 60 minutes of issuance of a QR Code-based ticket and no refund will be provided to them.

  • Currently, QR Code based tickets will only be issued from the source station to the destination station.

  • In case, any passenger wants to discontinue his journey in between, then QR Code- based ticket will not work. The customer care executive will issue a free exit token after the passenger surrenders his QR Code based ticket.

  • In case, the passenger travels beyond his destination station then AFC gates will not open using the QR Code-based tickets, the customer care executive will issue an exit token after charging the difference fare to the passenger.

  • All passengers will be considered ‘without ticket’ if they fail to show the mobile image or copy of the QR Code-based ticket and will be charged according to the business rules of the DMRC.

DMRC also plans to upgrade the vending machines to issue the QR Code- based tickets along with the upgradation of all AFC gates by the end of June. With the efficient, DMRCand cashless QR Code-based paper ticket system, DMRC plans to phase out the token system.

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