Director of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ fears he will be killed when he goes to Kolkata

Director of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ fears he will be killed when he goes to Kolkata

By Rajesh Saha: Sanoj Mishra, the director of ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ said he fears he will be killed in West Bengal when he visits the state. He was summoned by Kolkata Police after a complaint was filed saying his film tried to defame West Bengal. Reacting to the summons, Sanoj Mishra told India Today, “I am not a terrorist. I haven’t done any unconstitutional job. This film is based on a true story.”

In its trailer, the film claimed that there were “mass murders, rapes and a Hindu exodus” occurring in West Bengal. It was also said that Bengal is the new Kashmir of India.

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The notice issued to him said he will be questioned “to ascertain the facts and circumstances of this case”.

Sanoj Mishra told India Today that he is being “heckled” and his voice is being silenced. He was asked to appear before the police for questioning on May 30 at the Amherst Street Police Station in Kolkata. He said he was being framed and added, “I might be killed in Bengal after they summoned me there.”

He said the case against him is “an attempt to suppress the right to speak, which is a fundamental right of every citizen”. He emphasised that he had not done anything illegal. “I am not anti-national. I am a man who works for society,” he added.

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He also slammed the West Bengal government and said there are several issues which it must look after but they are diverting from these issues and “doing these kinds of things”. “Unemployment is a big issue in West Bengal. The government should focus on these issues instead of registering a case against me,” said Mishra.

He said his movie is based on Bengal politics and nothing is illegal. The script is based on a few true stories, he claimed.

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