“I recruited the hell out of Aaron Rodgers”- Davante Adams admits on failed attempt to lure Jets QB

“I recruited the hell out of Aaron Rodgers”- Davante Adams admits on failed attempt to lure Jets QB

After it was announced that Derek Carr will be released by the Las Vegas Raiders, Davante Adams began recruiting Aaron Rodgers on social media. Despite his numerous attempts to get Rodgers to Las Vegas, the star receiver didn’t succeed.

Aaron Rodgers ended up getting traded to the New York Jets, while the Raiders signed Jimmy Garoppolo to replace Carr. Adams recently appeared on the I Am Athlete podcast, and he discussed his failed attempt to recruit Rodgers.

Here’s what Adams said on the podcast:

“I will say, I recruited the hell out of Aaron Rodgers. I don’t want to say that because now it makes it look like Aaron said screw me even though I did that when really he made the best decision he had to make the best decision for himself which is exactly the same thing that I did.

“So, like I said I could show you I was on the man, trying to make sure but you also got to be respectful to a certain extent and understand that people got to work through stuff in their own head. You know, you know my old offensive coordinator from Green Bay, Nate Hackett is out there.”

Davante Adams will face off against the Aaron Rodgers-led New York Jets in Week 10 of next season. Both teams missed the playoffs last season, but the upcoming season is quite critical for both of them.

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The Jets are Super Bowl contenders, and if the Raiders continue to lose games, Josh McDaniels could be in the hot seat soon.


Davante Adams had a great debut season with the Raiders

Davante Adams: Las Vegas Raiders v Seattle Seahawks
Davante Adams: Las Vegas Raiders v Seattle Seahawks

The Las Vegas Raiders had all sorts of trouble last season and finished with a poor record of 6-11. Derek Carr was benched by the franchise and was ultimately released, but that didn’t stop Davante Adams from showcasing his talent.

He had 100 catches for 1,516 yards and scored 14 touchdowns in 17 games last season. These numbers could get better if Jimmy Garoppolo can play well in the upcoming season. The Raiders still have a pretty good roster, and if they can get it together, they may make the playoffs.

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