Throwback: When Anurag Kashyap offered Ronit Roy his iconic role in Udaan at around 7 am in the

Throwback: When Anurag Kashyap offered Ronit Roy his iconic role in Udaan at around 7 am in the

Renowned for his celebrated TV roles as Mihir Virani and Rishabh Bajaj and later his cinematic comeback, Ronit Roy has delivered several memorable performances, both on the big and small screen. One of his most iconic roles on the big screen has been Udaan, where he played the stern father Bhairav Singh. However, he wasn’t the first choice for the role, as he recently revealed!

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Ronit told Lehren Retro that initially Vikramaditya Motwanedid not have any role for him in the movie.

Later, he was called on to play the role of Jimmy when the original actor backed out. However, as luck would have it, the actor who was cast as Bhairav Singh too, backed out. Ronit recalled that he returned from a shoot at 4 am in the morning and his wife informed him at roughly 7 am thatAnurag Kashyap was waiting at his doorstep. Without divulging into any details, Ronit was told that he is doing Bhairav Singh’s role, while Jimmy’s role had gone to Ram Kapoor. The rest they say, is history!
Earlier, the actor had opened up about a harrowing period of nine years marred by alcohol addiction, casting a shadow over his early promising years in cinema.
Reflecting on this struggling phase, he confessed to showing up on set after four hours of drinking, despite always being punctual. His behavior, however, betrayed the impact of his late-night gratification, a stark contrast to the responsibility he felt towards his audience.

Amidst his career, Ronit Roy’s fears played a pivotal role in his recovery journey. He expressed deep concerns about being unable to help his family or friends in case of an emergency due to intoxication. This fear acted as a catalyst for change, prompting him to confront his struggles and make a conscious decision to leave behind the shadows of alcoholism.

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