Top 11 Remote Chat Support Opportunities You Can Do from Home

Top 11 Remote Chat Support Opportunities You Can Do from Home

Have you noticed that every single time you correspond with a business online there is that live chat button at the bottom right of the screen. Yes, there is a live person, not just a chatbot, ready and waiting to help you with any query that you might have. 

But have you ever considered working as a remote chat support agent? There are many opportunities for remote chat support and you could be the ideal candidate, especially if you’re an introvert and don’t like talking on the telephone.

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What Does a Chat Support Agent Do?

So what remote chat opportunities are out there for you to start working from home and what exactly does it entail?

As a remote chat support agent you will be required to provide online customer service support via a virtual live chat application. Depending on the type of business you can help customers via chat by answering questions, assist with ordering, help with returns, and troubleshoot technical issues. 

You can carry out this role from a remote location but you will need to have certain basic skills and you must be able to multi-task as you will be servicing a number of live chat calls at the same time. Must-have skills such as:

  • Great interpersonal skills this also includes good written communication
  • Fast and accurate typing
  • Staying professional in a high-pressure environment
  • Good at problem-solving
  • Great multi-tasker as you will need to handle several chats at once
  • Some companies may require some level of customer service experience

You will also need basic equipment such as

  • Secure and reliable high-speed internet
  • A pc/laptop computer

Companies That Offer Live Remote Chat Jobs

As mentioned before most companies offer live chat options on their websites and or e-commerce stores as a way for customers to get assistance. So which companies offer these virtual chat job opportunities?


The global company Amazon has a range of virtual customer service jobs that include email, phone calls and live chat support. Jobs are both part-time and full-time and positions are available worldwide.


This well-known company has years of experience as a work from home platform for customer support representatives. You could end up providing chat support to companies that cover Travel and Hospitality, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Gaming and other industries. This can be via phone or by live chat. Open to US, UK, and other countries.


Using their phrase of conversational marketing, CrowdChat uses the power of Live Chat, Video Chat and ChatBot systems to assist businesses in communicating with their customers successfully. A number of remote positions do popen up and all you have to do is complete the online application form.


OutPLEX offers text and chat outsouring opportunities that cover a range of industries such as telecommunications, finance, health and others. Positions are available in the the US and in other countries such as Colombia and the Dominica Republic so it you are a Spanish speaker this would be to your advantage.

The Chat Shop

This outsourcing company has live chat agent positions in the UK and some US States. You will have to complete an application process and take part in a typing test and go through training once successful. They are currently not hiring but you can check back regularly.


This company is a digital agency that provides both call centre and work from home opportunities. LiveWorld pride themselves on using human agents to help to engage customers through moderation on social media posts, and live chats on industry website platform as a client service agent. Available positions are part-time but some amount of flexibility is required for occasional weekends or night shifts.


Apple, one of the most famous tech companies has a strong work from home program for college students. If you’re a student in the US and looking for a way to make extra income then this could be a great option. You will need to be familiar with Apple products, good at solving problems and have great customer service skills. is a cloud-based company that provides outsourcing, digital solutions, and tech support. Jobs are open to those outside the US and they have locations in Canada, India, Colombia, Mexico and other countries offering online remote jobs with full benefits.

SiteStaff Chat

As the name suggests SiteStaff is a company that hires staff for live chat positions. Focused on 100% US based staff, all chat agents are fully trained to handle queries in whatever industry they are in. To join this company you must be college-educated.

Third Channel

Third Channel is a company that provides support to many popular retail brands and are always on the lookout for customer chat brand agents. You must be able to work a minimum of 15 hours and have great knowledge of the product that you will be promoting.


Zapier is a fully remote company that uses automation processes to make workflows easier for small, medium and large scale businesses. To smoothly assist these businesses Zapier offers a remote help solution through chat support and other methods and recruit for staff worldwide.

How Much Can You Earn As A Virtual Chat Support Agent?

As a live chat agent the amount that you earn can  depend on what company you work for, your location, your experience and the technicality of your role. On average, rates can range from between $8 to as much as $25 per hour as a remoe chat support agent. Also, there are some companies that offer additional benefits such as medical, dental insurance, wellness programs, ongoing paid training, time off, stock options and even employee discounts.

Final Thoughts on Remote Chat Support Opportunities

As you figure out ways to make extra income or finally decide to work from home working as a chat support agent is one opportunity that you can start with from any of the above listed companies. So whether you have a high school diploma or you’re a first year college student there is a remote live chat support job out there for you.


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