Video: “Last Generation” Activists Turn Rome’s Famous Fountain Black, Arrested

Video: “Last Generation” Activists Turn Rome’s Famous Fountain Black, Arrested

The climate activists were detained after throwing a black liquid into the fountain.

Global warming and climate change protesters from all over the world have recently participated in unconventional demonstrations. This, while generally attempting to raise awareness, posed challenges for the common people.

The Last Generation (Ultima Generazione), a group of climate change protestors, recently poured a dark substance into the waters of Rome’s famous Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of the Four Rivers) in an effort to “sound the alarm about the black future that awaits humanity.”

In addition to an explanation of their act, the group also offered a video and images of this demonstration. They claimed that this was done to highlight the dangers that our environment is facing and the difficult years that await us in the future.

The caption of one of the videos by the activists reads, “Our future is as black as this water. This is a temporary disturbance, while what we are experiencing will not be!”

“Our future is as black as this water: without water there is no life, and with rising temperatures we are exposed to drought on the one hand and floods on the other. Water that is missing to grow food, water that falls all together, destroying the houses,” the group said on their website.

“Difficult years await us, but if we don’t zero emissions immediately, they will be terrible. The collapse is already underground, and we can no longer stop it; proof of this is the increasingly frequent and devastating extreme events, such as the flood in Emilia Romagna a few days ago,” they added.

“This is why we ask the government to immediately divest the billions it spends on fossil fuels, the main cause of these tragedies, and use them to take urgent measures to protect Italians from the consequences of water bombs, extreme drought, and deadly heat waves.”

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