‘We are here to upset the party for Mumbai’: SRH coach Brian Lara ahead of the clash with MI |

‘We are here to upset the party for Mumbai’: SRH coach Brian Lara ahead of the clash with MI |

NEW DELHI: Bottom-dwellers Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) will face five-time champions Mumbai Indians (MI), who are still in the playoffs contention, at Wankhede stadium on Sunday in their final Indian Premier League match of the season.
Despite SRH’s disappointing campaign, batting legend and head coach Lara conveyed the team’s determination to end the season on a positive note.
“We are here to upset the party for Mumbai; we want to win, and it will be great to at least end in that fashion. But it’s going to take a lot of effort and professionalism in putting a team together moving forward. But to get the right attitude and get everyone pulling in the right direction is very important,” Lara emphasised. He recognized the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and fostering unity within the team as they strive for improvement in the future.


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Lara shared his insights and reflections on the team’s performance during a press conference ahead of their final league match against MI and also expressed his thoughts on SRH’s recent struggles and the challenges they have faced.
“It is not too demanding. You are going to have a team that wins the IPL, a team that runs in the bottom and a team in the middle. But it is a process that you have to take, and SRH for the last few years have not been playing up to the expectations,” Lara said. He acknowledged the disappointment surrounding SRH’s performance in recent seasons, recognizing the need for improvement.


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Acknowledging his own role, Lara humbly remarked, “I do not think my name was going to miraculously bring success, a job has to be done professionally, big name or no big name. As I said, (it is my) first time in this position, it has been a wonderful learning experience for me and something that I will take away moving forward.” Lara emphasised that success is not solely dependent on the reputation of individuals, but rather on the collective efforts of the entire team.

‘We are here to upset the party for Mumbai’: SRH coach Brian Lara ahead of the clash with MI |

Lara expressed his support for SRH’s captain, Aiden Markram, and recognized the challenges that come with assuming leadership responsibilities. “I think Aiden did a tremendous job, and we will do some sort of review and reflection to see how we can work things out for the betterment next year. But it is always going to be difficult coming into an environment and trying to lead. If I can speak for myself, I will definitely learn from this experience,” Lara stated. He highlighted the learning curve that both he and Markram have faced as newcomers to their respective roles.
Lara also highlighted the need for a thorough review of the season and a collective effort to bounce back stronger. While acknowledging the challenges faced by SRH, he remains optimistic about the team’s potential and the valuable lessons learned along the way.
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