What BBC Anchor Said After Video Of Her Hilarious Blunder Went Viral

What BBC Anchor Said After Video Of Her Hilarious Blunder Went Viral

BBC anchor Lukwesa Burak during the live broadcast on Thursday.

BBC anchor Lukwesa Burak has broken her silence after a video of her hilarious blunder went viral on social media. The awkward moment played out on Thursday when a segment was cut short and the presenter didn’t realise that she was still live on air. The gaffe caught the attention of many eagle-eyed social media users, who soon posted the clip on Twitter and other platforms. The users, however, supported Ms Burak and praised her professionalism to which she responded with a thank you note.

“Thank you folks: Colleagues – present & former, and all you wonderful viewers,” she tweeted while reacting to the clip posted by a user.

Another user wrote “You made my morning” to which Ms Burak replied: “Here to serve.”

On Thursday, the anchor was finishing up a segment on the vigil held for nine victims of Serbia school shooting and introduced the next segment before the cameras cut.

“And that was Bethany Bell in Belgrade there. Around the world and across the UK, this is BBC News,” she told the viewers.

The news bulletin then cut to a pre-recorded news segment involving bagpipes, before cameras unexpectedly cut back to Ms Lukwesa in the studio.

The BBC host was seen stretching her arms over her head and muttering to herself “Okay!”

When she realised the spotlight is back on her, the anchor’s eyes widened in shock.

She immediately dropped her arms and turned her head down to the notes on her desk. The anchor was seen sitting in silence, staring down at her desk for several seconds.

Though it was an embarrassing moment for the anchor, the clip left viewer pretty entertained.

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