Where to Find Online Teaching and E-learning Jobs This Year

Where to Find Online Teaching and E-learning Jobs This Year

Did you know there are several companies with online teaching and e-learning jobs?

Finding the ideal online job might not be as difficult as you might think if you use the skills you already have. One of the ways to do this is to teach what you know and you could do this by using a simple e-learning platform to provide online teaching.

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With the amount of technology available there are many companies that allow you to tutor students whether adult or children from anywhere in the world. You could be a well qualified college student, a retired professional or even a stay at home mom or dad.

As long as you have access to the internet, a pc/laptop, and a good headset with a microphone you should be able to get an online jo teaching as long as you are willing to put the effort in to find the job that matches your talents.

To help you on this journey here are just a few of the companies that are regularly on the lookout for online tutors. I’ll share with you what they require and a rough pay scale as a guide.

Top Companies That Offer Online Teaching and E-learning Jobs

#1 – LatinHire

If you’re bilingual, LatinHire is a business processing outsourcing company that specializes in e-learning. They recruit online tutors for some of the biggest education companies in the world. You will need to go through an application process and if selected you will be contacted for your particular subject area. Pay range depends on the subject to be taught and your level of expertise. You will be informed during the application process of the rate, and the client you will be working for.

#2 – Preply 

Another popular online teaching platform, Preply allows you to teach in over 100 subjects. From school to university subjects and also hobbies and art classes. On the Preply learning platform you set your own a rates and of course, as a new online tutor your rates would probably be lower than that of a more established tutor. On average it is stated that an online teacher can earn around $550 per week.

#3 – Skooli

Skooli is another great e-learning platform where students can find qualified tutors to help them with their subjects from anywhere in the world. To join Skooli you must have a Bachelor’s Degree and proof of any teaching certification. When you apply you will have to have all these documents ready along with your ID and if you fit the requirements a call meeting will be scheduled to discuss how you can become a tutor on their platform. 

As you will be dealing with students a criminal background check will be carried out and once everything is clear the next step is for you to learn how to navigate the Skooli platform through their training materials. Next, add all your relevant profile information and get ready to start earning. Hourly rates are very competitive and are based on your qualifications and experience. You must have a PayPal account as that is the only method of payment currently available.

#4 – BookNook

If you love reading and want to help students strengthen their reading ability then BookNook is the ideal place for you to use your talents. As part of the US Edcuational program you can earn extra income by teaching K-8 students online the Science of Reading as a Bachelor’s Degree holder. 

There are no minimum hours, you get to set your own schedule by teaching small group classes in 8 to 16 week batches or, select substitute hours whenever you have time. You can earn $18 per hour paid by direct deposit twice per month. 

#5 – Native Camp

Have you wanted to teach English as a second language but no teaching experience? Then a great place to do this is Native Camp. You’ll only need the following to work online teaching student English with Native Camp:  

  • 18 years or older
  • Speak and write excellent English
  • Updated computer with a camera that has Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox
  • Reliable  high-speed internet
  • Headset with microphone,
  • Ability to complete training

There is a clear application process where you will need to take an English proficiency test along with a carrying out a demo lesson after completing an e-learning program. The rate of pay is between $9 to $18 dollars depending on your experience but there are also bonus incentives.

#6 – Tutor.com

One of the most popular online teaching platforms is Tutor.com. They are a tried and trusted e-learning platform that provides one-to-one tutoring from ages 5 up to 18. One great advantage with Tutor.com is that they have committed to recruit US military spouses to work from home through online tutoring

Here are the requirements to work for Tutor.com:

  • Must reside and be eligible to work in the US,
  • strong verbal and written English language skills,
  • Currently studying for a degree or already have a degree
  • Must be available at least five hours each week.

The rate of pay is around $23 per hour but is dependent on your experience and what subjects you will be tutoring.

Final Thoughts on Online Teaching and E-Learning Jobs

When it comes to online teaching many believe that it is out of reach as they need to be a qualified teacher. Most times you will need Bachelor’s degree or higher with years of experience. However, the list provided above allow all levels to find some form of teaching opportunity online.

Take the time to find out what skills and experience you have. Make sure to clearly follow the application process. You just might find yourself the perfect e-learning job to do from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

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