50 best Anthony Richardson-inspired Fantasy Football team names to try out in 2023

50 best Anthony Richardson-inspired Fantasy Football team names to try out in 2023

Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson is one of the most athletic quarterbacks to enter the NFL. The Florida Gators alum had a Draft Combine for the ages and was selected No. 4 in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Richardson comes into the NFL after a tipsy-turvy college football career. He only played in 24 games at the collegiate level, starting a meager 13 of those games.

However, the Colts are betting on his dual-threat ability and high ceiling. Of course, expectations must be tapered as Richardson is stepping up in competition from the collegiate level. It’s a grown-up league, and there will be some growing pains.

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Players like Anthony Richardson are assets in fantasy football, as their dual-threat ability racks up fantasy points weekly. Hence, fans can expect to see Richardson as a key fantasy football feature in the coming years.

50 of the best Anthony Richardson-inspired fantasy football team names

One of the best parts of creating a fantasy football team is coming up with the perfect fantasy football team name. Furthermore, having a name tailored to your favorite pro footballer has a certain ring.

You are in the right place if you want to create a team name around the Indianapolis Colts dual-threat QB Anthony Richardson.

List of Anthony Richardson Fantasy Football Team Names to use in 2023

Here’s a list of Anthony Richardson-themed fantasy team names:

  1. AFC Richardson
  2. Air Richardson
  3. Anthony does it!
  4. Anthony got Game
  5. Anthony’s Colts
  6. Ant-Man
  7. Colt Following
  8. Colt Shoulder
  9. Dual Threat Tony
  10. Dual-threat nightmare
  11. Filthy Rich
  12. Florida’s Finest
  13. From the Combine to the Gridiron
  14. FSU to the IND
  15. Gator Man
  16. Get Rich Scheme
  17. Get Richardson or Die Trying
  18. If I were a Rich Man
  19. Indy’s Shiny new QB
  20. Irsays Draft Gem
  21. Isray Can You See
  22. Isray’s Folly
  23. Keep calm, Tony’s here
  24. Monster in these Indy Streets
  25. Nightmare in Indy
  26. Poor Richard’s Almanac
  27. Rad Richardson
  28. Razor Sharp Richardson
  29. Rich Indianapolis
  30. Rich takes it downtown
  31. Rich to the Gate
  32. RICHardson in Life
  33. Richardson Man, Poor Man
  34. Richardson’s Running
  35. Run the Richardson
  36. Strike it, Rich
  37. TD – Rich
  38. TD Richardson
  39. TD RichYardsSon
  40. TD Tony
  41. That’s Rich
  42. The AR Big Show
  43. The Richardson Rebellion
  44. The Richardson Revolution
  45. The Talented Mr. Richardson
  46. There’s no stopping Tony
  47. Till Rich do us Part
  48. Tony Dancer
  49. Tony Soprano in Indy
  50. Tony’s Pizza

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