Arjun Kapoor reacts to false news about Malaika Arora’s pregnancy | Hindi Movie News – Times of

Arjun Kapoor reacts to false news about Malaika Arora’s pregnancy | Hindi Movie News – Times of

In November last year, Arjun Kapoor had called out a publication for sharing false news about Malaika Arora’s pregnancy without checking the facts. In a new interview, Arjun reacted to the incident and said that the media should not put something out that can be life-altering to them.
Arjun said that it is easy to spread negativity since it attracts people’s attention and it’s been building for a while. He is completely aware of the fact that being actors their personal life is not always private and they have to be okay with it.
However, Arjun believes that celebrities rely on the media to reach the audience and said that journalists should at least check with them once and things should not be assumed before writing something about them.
“You should not put something that can be life-altering out there,” Arjun told an entertainment portal. He further continued that the situation was handled at that point in time when he had responded to the reports with a statement and sharing the screenshot of the article on his Instagram.

He mentioned that he has never hidden anything about his personal life. He said that he put out the statement because there was a realisation of an error and he felt like he can trust the media. He suggested that if they can maintain the same equation of trust and decency with them and their audience, it would be great. He also added that something should not be out out casually when it comes to their personal life.
Arjun also talked about how the media makes fun or jokes about their craft in their reviews. He feels that the media has started this trend and only they can eliminate it. He then concluded saying that they are here to do their jobs and the media should not have fun at others’ expense or make it personal.

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