‘Be careful with new technology’: PM Modi’s fresh warning on deepfake videos

‘Be careful with new technology’: PM Modi’s fresh warning on deepfake videos

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again highlighted the issue of deepfakes on social media and said AI-generated videos and pictures look real. He cautioned people to be very careful with new technology.

Interacting with students during the grand finale of the Smart India Hackathon, PM Modi highlighted the need for being alert while using new technologies.

“We have to be careful with new technology. If these are used carefully, they can be very useful. However, if these are misused, it can create huge problems. You must be aware of deepfake videos made with the help of generative AI,” he said.

“These videos look very real and, therefore, we need to be very careful before believing the authenticity of a video or an image. India is emphasising a global framework for AI,” the Prime Minister further said.

PM Modi’s comments came against the backdrop of deepfake videos of several Bollywood actors, including Rashmika Mandanna and Kajol on social media, raising concerns over the potential misuse of AI.

Deepfake is a technology that uses AI to doctor pictures or videos in such a manner that the person can impersonate anyone and say something or do activities that never actually occurred.


During the virtual G20 summit on November 22, PM Modi spoke about the emergence of deepfakes on social media, calling for “global regulations for AI”. He said that the AI should be safe for society.

“The world is worried about the negative effects of AI. India thinks that we have to work together on the global regulations for AI. Understanding how dangerous deepfakes are for society and individuals, we need to work forward. We want AI to reach the people, it must be safe for society,” he said.

On November 17, PM Modi called deepfakes one of the biggest threats that the Indian system was facing at the moment and said they could cause chaos in society. He also urged the media to educate people about the rising problem.

Addressing journalists at BJP’s Diwali Milan programme at the BJP headquarters in Delhi, PM Modi cited a deepfake video of him doing Garba, which India Today fact-checked. Calling the video “very real”, he said he had not “played Garba” since he was young.


At the Smart India Hackathon, PM Modi said the “world is confident that India can provide low-cost, quality, sustainable and scalable solutions to global challenges”.

“Our Chandrayaan mission has increased the expectations of the world manifold,” he said and asked the innovators to innovate accordingly.

He said India’s goal should be that it doesn’t have to import any technology. “Technology has become an important part of our lives like never before. Our goal should be that India doesn’t have to import any technology or depend on other nations for it,” he added.

Citing the defence sector, which is working towards self-reliance, he pointed out that India was forced to import some defence technology.

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Dec 20, 2023

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