‘Gadar 2’ actor Sunny Deol has these words of wisdom for budding actors | Hindi Movie News – Times

‘Gadar 2’ actor Sunny Deol has these words of wisdom for budding actors | Hindi Movie News – Times

Sunny Deol made a powerful comeback as Tara Singh in ‘Gadar 2’, two decades after the release of its predecessor, ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’. In a recent conversation with a media outlet, the 65-year-old actor had some words of wisdom for budding actorsof today’s generation. Sunny urged them to focus on honing their acting skills rather than concentrating solely on dancing and building their physique.”You possess the talent. Channel it into acting. We aren’t just bodybuilders,” he said. While emphasizing the importance of fitness and recognizing music’s integral role in the Indian culture, he urged them to draw inspiration from actors who prioritize their craft over mere physical appearance.

The sequel, ‘Gadar 2’, brings Ameesha Patel back as Tara Singh’s spouse, Sakeena, and introduces Utkarsh Sharma, portraying their adult son, Charanjeet. While the 2001 movie’s storyline spanned from 1945 to 1952, ‘Gadar 2’ is rooted in 1971. Sunny pointed out that the older setting doesn’t make it antiquated; instead, it’s a distinct genre mirroring the era it represents.

Regarding the evolution of cinema, Sunny pointed out that while technology and filmmaking methods have seen rapid advancements, the core essence remains unchanged. He emphasized the timeless nature of our culture, values, and history. Sunny expressed the need for contemporary cinema to delve into history and culture to satisfy the younger generation’s curiosity about their roots and identity.
Despite facing stiff competition from Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi’s ‘OMG 2’, ‘Gadar 2’ witnessed an impressive first day in India, raking in approximately Rs 40 crore on its opening day, as per industry sources. After two days after its release, the period drama’s net domestic collection is now Rs 83.10 crore which is quite huge for a Hindi film.

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