“He’d probably kick my butt”: Tom Brady namedrops which of his ex-teammates he’d want

“He’d probably kick my butt”: Tom Brady namedrops which of his ex-teammates he’d want

Tom Brady has had a lot of teammates over the years. The legendary quarterback was on the New England Patriots for two entire decades, so there was a revolving door of teammates. Not many stayed around as long as he did. His three seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers saw a few teammates come and go, too.

Naturally, some of them were good teammates and others were not. There is one teammate that he would be willing to fight if it came down to it, and that is Matt Cassel. Brady’s podcast was discussing UFC when this came up.

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He mentioned him and Julian Edelman. The former wide receiver would be a tough fight, Brady admits:

“I think Julian just had a shot up Julian. I could never do it. I love him like he’s like my little brother. So I could never he’d be the one if there was anybody. Not that there would be anybody and Julie wouldn’t even get hit because he’d probably kick my butt.”

He revealed how he felt about Cassel as well:

“And Matt Cassel. That would be another man. I would definitely punch back Matt and maybe Julian but definitely Matt. He threw me on the ground.”


He continued:

“And we just lay on top man I couldn’t move and Rodney Harrison came over say Matt, if you hurt him, I’m gonna kill you. That was the last that Matt was laying on top of me wrestling around and holding me down.”

Fortunately, no injury occurred there.

Tom Brady and Matt Cassell

Obviously, Tom Brady doesn’t have poor relationships with either of these players. Matt Cassel stepped in the lone year Brady got hurt after tearing his ACL and led the Patriots to the playoffs. Edelman was one of his most prolific pass-catchers, too.

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman in New England
Tom Brady and Julian Edelman in New England

It’s very unlikely that Brady harbors any ill will towards any of his teammates, whether from the Bucs or Pats. For the most part, they all helped him achieve his goals and win a record seven Super Bowls. Even if they weren’t good, they were likely helpful.

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