Jobs for youths, double-engine govt: Telangana BJP firms up plank for Assembly election

Jobs for youths, double-engine govt: Telangana BJP firms up plank for Assembly election

By Apoorva Jayachandran : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will go to Telangana polls with the slogan: “Vote for Lotus to ensure jobs to all eligible youths.” This was decided at the party’s state executive committee meeting held at Champapet in Hyderabad on Monday.

BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar called upon the party leaders and cadre to take this slogan strongly into the people by launching a vigorous door-to-door campaign and convinced them that only a double-engine sarkar would benefit the state on all fronts.

The party has decided to take up the Maha Jana Sampark Abhiyaan programme from May 30 to June 30, to explain to the people the programmes taken up by the Narendra Modi government at the Centre in the last nine years to lead the country on the path of progress, besides the benefits accrued to Telangana at their door step.


Stating that the Telangana government led by chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has failed to implement the developmental programmes initiated by the Narendra Modi government, Bandi Sanjay called upon the party leaders to extensively campaign the programmes among the people through various methods, including Praja Sangrama Yatra.

Bandi Sanjay explained various programmes taken up by the Modi government for the uplift of the poor, such as construction of toilets under Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, supply of free rice and wheat to the poor, provision of employment under the National Employment Guarantee programme and construction of road networks and other rural infrastructure.

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“When the entire world was reeling under a severe economic crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was Modi who is credited with making India growth as an economic power from 10th position to fifth position,” he said.

The BJP president said had there been a double engine sarkar in Telangana, the people of the state would have got far more benefits from the Centre, in health, housing, rural economy, drinking water supply and other schemes.


Bandi Sanjay alleged that the chief minister was spending money lavishly across the country to defeat the BJP. “He is known for betrayal and thankless character.

“In the recent assembly elections in Karnataka, he cheated the Janata Dal (S) and he is now making harsh words against Sushma Swaraj, who had played an instrumental role in bringing statehood to Telangana,” he said, adding that he had betrayed the Congress, the TDP and even the Communist parties.

Sanjay said the people of Telangana had already come to the conclusion that the BJP is the only alternative to the BRS and were of the firm belief that they would get real justice only if the BJP came to power.

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“It is evident from the way the BJP’s graph is growing steadily in every election held after 2019,” he said.

The BJP chief wondered how the Congress could dream of coming to power, when it could not get deposits in any by-elections. “Out of five MLAs in the Congress, four MLAs are looking in different directions and the remaining one MLA is at crossroads, unable to decide where to go,” Sanjay said.

Sanjay alleged that KCR was conspiring with the Congress, AIMIM and a section of media to spread a venomous campaign against the BJP stating that it had taken a back seat after the Karnataka assembly elections.

“A section of media has begun campaigning that all those who had joined the BJP in the past are going back into the BJP,” he criticised.

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The BJP state president also alleged that KCR was funding the Congress party wherever the BRS is not in position to win the assembly elections.

“He is getting various surveys done from time to time and when he realised that he doesn’t come to power on his own, he is supporting the Congress party,” he said, adding that the BJP would contest alone and emerge victorious like a hero.

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