Kennedy Was Written For Chiyaan Vikram, Says Anurag Kashyap. But There Was No Reply

Kennedy Was Written For Chiyaan Vikram, Says Anurag Kashyap. But There Was No Reply

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Director Anurag Kashyap is gearing up for the premiere of his film Kennedy at the Cannes Film Festival. The movie, which stars Sunny Leone and Rahul Bhat, will premiere on Wednesday. But did you know Rahul Bhat was not the first choice for Kennedy? The director, in a conversation with Anupama Chopra, revealed he wanted Chiyaan Vikram to play the titular role in the film. He said, “I actually had a specific actor in mind when I wrote this film. Which is why the film is called Kennedy.” 

Anurag Kashyap added, “Because that actor’s nickname is Kennedy. The film was called Kennedy Project. It is Chiyaan Vikram. Chiyaan Vikram’s real name is Kennedy. I reached out to him. He never responded. So then, I reached out to Rahul. I said ‘Read it’.” Talking about Rahul Bhat’s reaction,  Anurag Kashyap said, “His reaction, his response was enthusiastic. And not like an actor. And he was like, ‘Yeh Kaun kar raha hai [Who is working on this project?]’ I said, ‘Karega [Are you interested?]’ He said ‘Me?’ I said, ‘Yes, but you will have to give it all’. And he was supposed to do some films. He gave eight months of his life to Kennedy.” 

On Rahul Bhat’s physical transformations, Anurag Kashyap said, “Because Rahul is a thin guy. He bulked up for it. He grew a beard. I said ‘You have to be sleepless’. And he didn’t sleep at night until one and a half months later. After that, he pulled himself through it. After that, he grew a beard and looked unhygienic. And that’s when I said you are doing the role. His devotion, his sincerity, his total surrender to the role was incredible.”

Kennedy will be showcased under the Midnight Screenings section of the prestigious film gala. Before this, Gangs of Wasseypur, directed by Anurag Kashyap, was screened at the 2012 Cannes Directors’ Fortnight. Next, Bombay Talkies premiered under Special Screenings at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. In the same year, Ugly was screened in the Directors’ Fortnight section and received a standing ovation.

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