Mamata Banerjee visits Egra where 11 people died in blast at illegal firecracker factory

Mamata Banerjee visits Egra where 11 people died in blast at illegal firecracker factory

By Suryagni Roy: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited the grieving families in Egra in East Midnapore, where 11 people lost their lives in an explosion at an illegal fireworks unit. During her visit, Mamata Banerjee presented a cheque of Rs 2.5 lakhs as compensation to the affected families.

In addition to the financial assistance, Mamata Banerjee said that plan for the establishment of a cluster dedicated to manufacturing green crackers is being conceptualized. She stated that a committee would be formed within two months to discuss the implementation of this initiative. The aim is to create legal fireworks units focused on producing environmentally friendly firecrackers.

“We are planning to make clusters for legal fireworks units, but it will be for green crackers. Firecrackers are illegal. But employment can be generated if green crackers are made,” said Mamata Banerjee.

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Addressing concerns beyond compensation, Mamata Banerjee ensured that a job as a home guard would be provided to one member from each affected family. She expressed her commitment to supporting the families affected by the tragedy, criticising those who try to politicise such events. The chief minister also highlighted that the district magistrate would address any education-related issues faced by the children who lost their parents in the Egra incident.

During her interaction with the locals, Mamata Banerjee urged them to remain vigilant and promptly inform the police if they come across any illegal fireworks operations. She also asserted that she would take action if the police failed to address the issue effectively.

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“I urge you to keep a close watch on any illegal fireworks manufacturing. Inform the police immediately. If the officer-in-charge fails to take appropriate action, I will personally ensure the necessary measures are taken. I have already replaced the concerned officer,” said Banerjee.

“With improved intelligence, incidents like this can be prevented. Considering the proximity to the border, where arms often enter from Jharkhand, it is crucial to remain vigilant,” Mamata Banerjee emphasised.

Eleven people were killed after an explosion in an illegal firecracker factory in West Bengal’s East Midnapore district. According to police sources, the factory was raided last month and action was taken against its owner. Despite the crackdown, firecrackers continued to be manufactured in the unit.

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