Manish Sisodia’s wife shares heartfelt note as they meet after 103 days

Manish Sisodia’s wife shares heartfelt note as they meet after 103 days

By Pankaj Jain: Seema Sisodia, wife of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia, on Wednesday, released a heartfelt note after meeting her husband after 103 days. The couple met for 7 hours after the Delhi High Court allowed Manish Sisodia to meet his spouse in view of her deteriorating health.

In her message, Seema Sisodia alleged that the police were stationed outside their bedroom, to keep a watch on the couple and to listen to their conversation during their meeting.

Further, she spoke about the challenges her family faced after joining politics, labelling it as a “dirty game”.

Recalling the caution flagged by the well-wishers on the decision of her husband to join politics, Seema Sisodia said “Back when Manish Sisodia and others were in the process of forming the party, we received numerous warnings from well-wishers advising us to steer clear of politics”

“They cautioned us that while journalism and activism were good pursuits, getting into politics would only lead to trouble. Those in power would do everything in their capacity to obstruct your work and torment our family, ” Seema Sisodia added in her message.

Explaining the reasons behind her husband’s decision to join politics, Seema Sisodia added, “Manish Sisodia was resolute. He joined hands with Arvind Kejriwal and other like-minded individuals, and together, they proved that they could make a difference.”

On being asked about the hardships being faced by her husband in prison, Seema Sisodia said, “Today, I witnessed unwavering determination on Manish’s face and it was evident in his words.”

“Despite enduring 103 days of sleeping on the floor, bitten by mosquitoes, ants, insects, and enduring heat, he remains undeterred, with a single dream of uplifting society through education and championing honest politics alongside Arvind Kejriwal,” she added in her message.

Explaining the daily activities of Manish Sisodia in prison, she said “He has immersed himself in studying the history of education worldwide. He has delved into the stories of leaders from various nations who dedicated themselves to the cause of education, reading how their efforts have put their countries forward. We talked about these topics during our meeting, alongside discussing my health.”

Earlier, Manish Sisodia, on Saturday, was allowed by the Delhi High Court to meet his ailing wife at his residence. He was arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on February 26 for his alleged role in the Delhi Liquor policy scam and has been in custody since then. The high court had denied him bail in the CBI case on May 30.

Later, he was also arrested on March 9 in a case lodged by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) and is currently in judicial custody.

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