My Hero Academia chapter 389 spoilers and raw scans: Shoto Todoroki finally enters the scene to

My Hero Academia chapter 389 spoilers and raw scans: Shoto Todoroki finally enters the scene to

My Hero Academia chapter 389 is set to be released on Monday, May 22, at 12 Am JST in Shueisha’s weakly Shonen Jump issue 25. My Hero Academia chapter 389 spoilers were leaked earlier, containing a glimpse of Ochako and Toga before returning to the Todoroki Family battle.

In the previous chapter, A flashback showed how Rei arrived where Dabi and Endeavor were fighting. Natsuo and Fuyumi also arrived at the scene and together, the Todoroki family begged Toya to cease his madness, using their Ice quirks to protect themselves against the flames.

My Hero Academia chapter 389 shows the Todoroki family trying to contain the disaster as Shoto arrives at Gunga to stop Dabi

As per My Hero Academia chapter 389 spoilers, the chapter is titled “Relief and Prayers.” It’s a relatively short chapter with only 11 pages. According to the spoilers, the chapter contains a Toga vs Ochako color page, as well as the Volume 38 cover, which also features Toga on it.

My Hero Academia chapter 389 begins with an explosion at the Dabi vs Endeavor site, with the command center reporting that while the rise of the temperature has slowed down, it has not gone down and the heat has not dispersed. As such, Dabi is still at risk of detonating and causing an unprecedented amount of destruction.

#MHA389 In my opinion the crack represents his identity being broken. He doesn’t know if he’s Touya or Dabi, he keeps going back and forth between the two.

In the sky, Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Rei are using their Ice to protect themselves as well as cool off Dabi, who looks at his family and realizes that they are here for him. He wonders if it had always been this easy to get everyone to look at him, and regrets that it didn’t happen sooner. As he thinks this, a crack appears on his face.

A montage then shows Tiger informing the Heroes at the Gunga premises to evacuate, but Uraraka continues to battle Toga, who is still in her Twice form. Tetsutetsu and Kendo are seen making a run for it, while the reporter from the previous chapter broadcasts the battle and remembers Endeavor’s vow. At a refugee camp, the “Can’t Ya See” boy is seen praying for his hero.

At a café in the Philippines, a woman is seen praying, presumably for Endeavor and the Todoroki family. The Masegaki Elementary students watch the fight from inside the robot vehicles and proclaim that all is not lost since the youngest Todoroki has not arrived at the scene yet.

My Hero Academia chapter 389 spoilers then reveal that Shoto and Iida have acquired an Ice Jet of sorts, though the exact details and make are unclear. Shoto activates Phosphor while still inside the Jet, making the exterior crumble and fall away.

Final thoughts

According to the spoilers, My Hero Academia chapter 389 is very short and does not advance the plot in any significant way. The chapter does, however, build up the stakes and the anticipation for the climax of the Todoroki plotline. Shoto’s reappearance is the most significant point in the chapter, story-wise, while Toya’s point of view is the most emotionally important development.

With Toga being both on the volume cover and the color page, it can be assumed that Mangaka Horikoshi will soon implement a perspective shift concerning her and Ochako. The manga is unlikely to return to UA anytime soon, but a glimpse of All Might’s battle with AFO may be seen in coming issues.

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