Npr:  Census self-enumeration only after one updates NPR details | India News – Times of India

Npr: Census self-enumeration only after one updates NPR details | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Residents of India who want to go for self-enumeration for house-listing operations (HLO), the first phase of Census 2021, can do only after updating their National Population Register (NPR) details – collected in 2010 and updated in 2015 – on the self-enumeration (SE) portal developed by the office of registrar general of India (ORGI). This can be done either with the mobile number fed in the NPR database or by registering one’s number afresh in it.
Those who do not self-enumerate for the first phase of Census or for NPR, can do so for the subsequent phase of the Census – population enumeration – provided they have furnished their mobile number during the HLO phase.


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Interestingly, the pre-requisite of self-enumeration for NPR to be able self-enumerate for the houselisting phase of Census comes even as around 14 states had in 2020 objected to Register’s proposed new format, with a majority passing resolutions in their assemblies to put on hold NPR activities within their jurisdictions.
Some of the opposing states like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have since seen a change in the ruling dispensation.
Though there is no indication from the central government when Census and NPR, on hold in view of the Covid-19 pandemic, will be held, experts said with the general elections next year, the earliest opportunity could present itself in 2025.
Justifying the restriction of self-enumeration facility for HLO, the newly-released ORGI publication ‘A Treatise on Indian Censuses Since 1981’ states that NPR provides a “frame” for SE for HLO, just like HLO provides an unambiguous frame for population enumeration. It argued that SE is allowed only in countries that either have a robust address system or have a frame such as population register.

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