Pregnant Ileana D’cruz gives another glimpse of mystery man, flaunts baby bump while hilariously

Pregnant Ileana D’cruz gives another glimpse of mystery man, flaunts baby bump while hilariously

Ileana D’cruz announced her pregnancy on April 18 and while her pregnancy post left everyone surprised, she’s winning hearts with how she’s conducting herself. The actress has continued to maintain a dignified stance over judgements while sharing some really adorable pregnancy posts which are melting hearts. The actress also went on a babymoon and shared a picture of her mystery man.She dropped a picture of holding hands with him and both of them were wearing rings which sparked engagement rumours.
Ileana has given another glimpse of this mystery man today. The actress shared a picture of him playing with their pet dog. She captioned it, ‘puppy love‘.

The actress flaunted her baby bump in another picture as she wore a white track suit. She wrote, ‘#notetoself Don’t get over-confident wearing white pyjamas while cooking tomato sauce’.

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A while ago, Ileana had penned a heartfelt note while sharing a blurr image her boyfriend and expressed gratitude to have him around. She spoke about the tougher side of being pregnant that nobody really talks about. Ileana wrote, “eing pregnant is such a beautiful beautiful blessing…
I didn’t think I’d be fortunate enough to ever experience this so I consider myself so incredibly lucky to be on this journey. I can’t even begin to describe how lovely it is to feel a life growing inside of you. Most days I’m just overwhelmed staring down at my bump going wow – I get to meet you soon – and then there’s some days that are so inexplicably hard. So trying. They’re overwhelming. All consuming. And things just feel hopeless. And there’s tears. Then follows the guilt. And this voice in my head puts me down. I should be thankful, not be crying over something so trivial. I should be stronger. What kind of mother will I be if I’m not strong enough…And I don’t know what kind of mother I will be. I really don’t. All I do know is that I love this little human so darned much already I could explode. And for now – I think that’s enough.”

She spoke about her boyfriend and how he has been so loving to her. Ileana added, “And on the days I forget be kind to myself, this lovely man has been my rock. He’s held me when he feels me starting to crack. And wipes the tears away. And cracks goofy jokes to make me smile. Or just offers a hug when he knows that’s exactly what I need in that moment. And everything doesn’t seem so hard anymore. ”
The actress is currently in her third trimester.

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