Sham Kaushal talks about the action sequences in ‘Mujib’, says ‘it’s not about Indo-Bangla ties, but

Sham Kaushal talks about the action sequences in ‘Mujib’, says ‘it’s not about Indo-Bangla ties, but

The trailer of Shyam Benegal’s ‘Mujib’ was out a few days ago. The film is a biography on the life of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who was a revolutionary, politician, activist and also served as the president of Bangladesh. Mujibsuccessfully led the Bangladeshi independence movement and restored the Bengali sovereignty after over two centuries. While the film is helmed by Shyam Benegal, the screenplay is written by Shama Zaidi and Atul Tiwari.It stars Arifin Shuvoo in the titular role. Action director Sham Benegal has choreographed the action sequences of the film.
Talking at length about the film, Kaushal says, “This story is not about Indo-Bangla ties, but it is Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rahman’s biopic. It traces his journey from his childhood to him joining politics and how he grew and how he inspired people to form Bangladesh. He said that he won’t accept Urdu as their language because their mother tongue is Bangla. There’s a brief portion about what role did India play. Otherwise, it is his story. He is Bangladesh’s father of the nation.”
He further revealed that Benegal has made it in the most realistic manner and Mujib’s daughter was in tears on seeing the film. “In 1975, some disgruntled people killed his family. All of this is documented so we have not done anything imaginary. Shyam Benegal Ji makes realistic cinema. We saw in theatres yesterday how people were crying when Mujib-ur-Rahman is assassinated in the film. Some people couldn’t watch it. The film released in Bangladesh October 12 and it is houseful for the entire week already. Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of Mujib-ur-Rahman was pregnant when her father was assassinated. And she had gone to Germany only a few days before that. She cries a lot when she sees the film.”
Talking about his experience of working with Benegal, Sham says, “I have a great understanding with Shyam Benegal Ji because I have already worked with him on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. So, we share a good creative industry. Whenever I do a film, I see it from a director’s vision. Shyam Babu makes realistic cinema. During action sequences, we set up multiple cameras and shot it because Shyam Babu also likes to work that way.”
He further credits the director for completing the film despite struggle due to the pandemic. “It is an Indo-Bangla co-production between Bangladesh Broadcasting Ministry and Indian Broadcasting Ministry. The film was supposed to be released on Mujib-ur-Rahman’s 100th birth anniversary but it got delayed due to the pandemic. It is Shyam Benegal’s willpower that we completed the film and it is receiving so amazing response.”
Sham revealed there were many difficulties in the making of the film due to Covid, but Benegal was also inspired to complete the film. ‘Mujib’ was shot in Bangla with Bangla actors, and hence it will be a dubbed Hindi film. While most of the shoot took place in Bangladesh, some action sequences were shot in Mumbai by creating sets.
‘Mujib’ released in Bangladesh on October 12 and is releasing in India on October 27.

Mujib: The Making of a Nation |Official Theatrical Trailer – Hindi |Oct 27, 2023| Shyam Benegal Film

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