Sunny Leone gets teary-eyed recalling her infamous interview: The backlash that he faced was

Sunny Leone gets teary-eyed recalling her infamous interview: The backlash that he faced was

Sunny Leone, who recently made her Cannes debut with the Anurag Kashyap directorial Kennedy, got teary-eyed when she recalled being cornered in her infamous interview with a senior journalist in 2016.
Speaking about her journey from the adult film industry to Bollywood, Sunny opened up about the interview and shared that she did not have issues with the burning questions but the manner in which they were asked.
She had requested the interviewer to allow her or someone from her team to see the footage to make sure no one gets hurt if something unsuitable gets out in the public. They turned down her request saying that her team can transcribe it once it gets telecast the next day.
When it went live, Sunny said that many media houses and her fans transcribed it for her and it was incredible to witness the backlash the interviewer faced at that time. She was overwhelmed to see that kind of support but the actress got tears in her eyes while mentioning the fact that she had to go through hell to be able to be looked at as a human. “No one should be treated that way. It was the worst feeling. It took me a little bit to come out of it,” she added.

Sunny further mentioned that she wanted to walk away from the interview but couldn’t. She was hurt seeing that no one stood up for her thinking something wrong was happening to her at that moment. “I didn’t have anyone in my corner. No one from my team was present,” she told a news portal.
The actress said that she is not ashamed of her past because it is what has made her who she is today. She overcame all the barriers that came with it and now people have started seeing her as a normal human being who also has feelings and emotions. “Everything I have done was by choice. I am not a victim of a horror story. They have all been my choices,” she added.

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