The Internet Can’t Get Over Uorfi Javed’s New Dress, Made Out Of Tea Bags

The Internet Can’t Get Over Uorfi Javed’s New Dress, Made Out Of Tea Bags

Image was shared by Uorfi Javed. (courtesy: urf7i)

Uorfi Javed and dramatic fashion looks are a match made in heaven. The actress-model is known for her eclectic style statements that range from unique to gutsy. A case in point is her newest look. Uorfi Javed has sent the internet into a tizzy by slipping into a halter-neck dress made entirely out of tea bags. Yes, you read that right. Uorfi has shared a video that begins with her drinking tea. As soon as she sees the tea bag and stops, the video transitions to show her standing in a dress made of tea bags. In the next part of the video, water is poured over the dress – Uorfi is no longer wearing it – to show that it is made using tea bags.  In the caption, she wrote, “Hello frands , chai peelo.”While several users trolled Uorfi, most of the comments are compliments praising Uorfi Javed’s creativity.

Before this, we saw Uorfi Javed’s love for tea in another video. The clip, shared on Instagram, begins with  Uorfi sitting inside a car with a cup of tea, wearing a dress that has a net shield. First, Uorfi tries to drink tea through the shield but it is not easy at all. After multiple failed attempts, Uorfi finally manages to take a sip. In the caption, she wrote, “When chai is more important.” 

A few days ago, Uorfi Javed made headlines after a video of her recorded in March with Peeping Moon went viral. During the interaction, she openly discusses her relationship status and provides insight into her personal life. In response to a question about her dating life, Uorfi Javed shares that she has been single for an extended period of time and expresses her lack of interest in pursuing romantic relationships. She goes on to mention the possibility of identifying as asexual. 

Uorfi Javed is best known for her appearance on Bigg Boss OTT.

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