“They said enough”: Fans find a prohibited item for BTS SUGA’s Agust D tour in Jakarta hilarious

“They said enough”: Fans find a prohibited item for BTS SUGA’s Agust D tour in Jakarta hilarious

Concert company iME ID posted health protocols for BTS SUGA’s Agust D Tour in Jakarta led to a hilarious response from the ARMY fandom. While the first concert in Indonesia is nearly two weeks away, the company helped fans prepare for the concert. The prohibited list especially caught fans’ eyes as it included an unexpected item – a wedding veil.

The ‘Yoongi Marry Me’ meme has been going on in the ARMY fandom for a long time. From bombarding BTS members’ livestreams with the comment to Jung Kook writing it on SUGA’s guitar, and even a member of the live band from the concert holding an LED, the joke of marrying Min Yoon-gi never seems to stop.

The joke even led to fans wearing wedding gowns and veils to the concert. However, fans who had planned a wedding outfit for BTS SUGA’s Agust D concert in Jakarta, will not be able to do so anymore as the concert management has prohibited wedding veils.

Fans react hilariously to finding wedding veils being prohibited at BTS SUGA’s Agust D tour stop in Jakarta

i can’t believe they finally listened and really listed wedding veils as one of the prohibited items WE WON

BTS SUGA’s Agust D concerts have been a delight for fans. He was the first member to hold a solo world tour and the reception for the same has been impressive. The Haegeum rapper also brought never-imagined-before things to his concerts, such as giving away free whiskey and a stage surrounded by fire.

The concerts gave fans an opportunity to live out their many inside jokes, such as the ‘Yoongi Marry Me’ trend. The Haegeum rapper has performed eight shows since the start of the tour, and it has already seen fans dressing up as brides. While it was funny for many, three upcoming shows in Jakarta will see no such fans.

A list of prohibited items was posted on iME Entertainment Indonesia’s social media accounts. It included things such as a drone, chair, long umbrella, flashlight, tripod, alcohol, cigarette (or vape and pod), lighter, oversized headband, flags, and other things. One item that caught fans’ eyes was a wedding veil.

Fans joked that the BTS rapper was “sick” of seeing the wedding veils and that the Jakarta concert management company knew the fandom well. Check out the hilarious reaction fans had after seeing the wedding veil prohibition bellow:

so the jkt organizer for yoongi’s show released the list of prohibited items…. NO WEDDING VEIL I LOLED NO ONES GETTING MARRIED TO YOONGI YES AGREE

the promotor is so real for prohibiting wedding veil at the yoongi’s concert in my city


i saw someone wear a whole wedding dress with the veil and all and saying “his bandmate had yoongi marry me on his guitar so its ok” YOIRE NOT HIS FRIEND WTF EVEN twitter.com/jkyoongs/statu…

no costume and wedding veil, lol the concert promoter knows us well- how many of y’all have prepped a wedding dress to see yoongi?

the amount of people wearing veils and wedding dresses and carrying yoongi marry me posters… do better

Some fans also mentioned that they were upset with flags being banned too. They mentioned that they wanted to show their varied support to SUGA through some creative flags.

Meanwhile, BTS SUGA still has three more shows to go before starting his Asian leg of the tour. The Asian leg will begin from Jakarta, where the rapper will perform for three continuous nights from May 26 to May 28. He will then move to Japan, Thailand, and Singapore and wrap the SUGA | Agust D Tour in South Korea in the last week of June.

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