Top Home-Based Remote Jobs For Online Moderators

Top Home-Based Remote Jobs For Online Moderators

If you’re an avid user of social media I’m sure you’ve added a comment or two to some of your favorite websites, Facebook, Instagram and even YouTube accounts. Not only that, you’ve probably taken part in live webinars and virtual meetings and asked questions or made suggestions in the comment section. With all these comments, especially for popular influencers, vloggers, bloggers and even gamers there is a special job that is necessary to keep everything in line. That’s the job of the online moderator.

What Does An Online Moderator Do?

Outside of the traditional meaning of a remote moderator which is a person who leads a discussion, a moderator for social media applications is someone who does the following:

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  • Organize and manage posts making sure they are appropriate
  • Interact with comments in a considerate and timely manner
  • Provide helpful feedback to questions posted in the comments
  • Add new posts to promote a product or service
  • Create relevant content to attract core audience

Must-Have Skills Of An Online Moderator

When doing the job of a home-based online moderator it’s not just to read and answer comments you do have to have certain soft skills to be successful. You can be a moderator for a large company or for an individual running a small business and some of the key skills that employers look for is:

  1. Good Communication
  2. Good Listening
  3. Good Comprehension
  4. Quality Reserach

You will need to have good keyboarding skills plus the essential equipment to get the job done. So of course, high speed internet, a laptop or pc and access to the relevant applications.

Remote Work From Home Moderator Jobs

There are a number of companies that are looking for remote moderators to add a level of professionalism, security, brand consistency, and good communication on their social media platforms and having the right person to do that is key. So here are just a few of the companies looking for someone like you to become their online moderator.


ModSquad has always promoted itself as an excellent customer support provider. They hire remote customer service agents and online moderators to answer queries, handle online communities, monitor forums, livestream chats and images. You can apply to ModSquad and work from anywhere doing any of these virtual jobs.


This company has over 26 years of experience and is a well-known digital agency that focusses on social media. As a remote business they provide social media agents to many companies. You will need some customer service experience and you can apply here for a moderator’s position. Having some customer service experience would be to your advantage.

The Social Element

This UK-based social media agency provides branded content for a number of well-known companies. Their aim is to engage a company’s audience and promote their brands to the highest level and this they do with 100% remote work. You can apply for any of the positions on their website and they recruit globally.


Another company to consider is Concentrix. They also hire from all over the world and although you might not always see a job listed for a moderator there are jobs available that carry out the role of a moderator. Concentrix has since teamed up with WebHelp to form one company and if you do a thorough search on their jobsite you’re bound to find something. Just type in the keyword in the search bar.


As a company that is trusted by many of the world’s best brands, Teleperformance hires some of the best work from home staff globally. This includes the need for remote moderators. Covering a range of industries from retail, banking, healthcare, automotive, technology, hospitality, insurance, video games and more, Teleperformance is regarded as one of the top digital service businesses that provides great customer and brand relationships.


If you love gaming then you could become a remote moderator on some of your favorite gaming platforms through Cogito. As you’re probably aware, comments can get quite spirited amongst gamers so virtual moderators are vital to remove inappropriate comments, scammers, and hackers and promote full compliance to the community forums.


This company although legitimate may be for the more liberal/open-minded person. E-moderators claim to be one of the highest paying for a remote online moderator. They recruit for staff globally but please be aware that some of the content they handle is for an adult audience.

Freelancing Platforms

Another option not to forget is to always check freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Smaller businesses tend to look for staff on these gig sites that can turn into long-term projects and even full-time employment. Add your own online moderator gig and promote and share.

Final Thoughts

Becoming an online moderator can be an excellent job to fit into your schedule and a good source of extra income. If you have great customer service experience and happen to be bi or multilingual then that will give you even more opportunities. You can share your skills with small business owners, social media agencies and outsourcing digital companies.

Try and apply to any of the companies above. Good luck in your search for a home-based online moderator job!

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