Why is the Fortnite queue so long today? Reason behind waiting in queue error explored (December 3)

Why is the Fortnite queue so long today? Reason behind waiting in queue error explored (December 3)

Why is the Fortnite queue so long today (December 3, 2023)? According to the information provided by Epic Games, the queue time for The Big Bang event has superseded all expectations. The waiting queue error is being caused by the high volume of players that have queued up to witness the Eminem concert first-hand. Everyone from first-timers to seasoned players are eager to watch history being written.

Sadly, this has led to players being booted from the match or being forced to restart the queuing time all over again. As such, they will be unable to make it to The Big Bang live event, but not to worry as Epic Games has taken measures to ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy The Big Bang.

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Fortnite waiting in queue error explored

As mentioned, the servers are packed to capacity. Thankfully, Epic Games anticipated this. As such, for those who are unlucky enough to miss The Big Bang the first time around, there is no need to worry.

Epic Games has confirmed that they will be adding two more shows of The Big Bang after the first one ends. Since the volume of traffic will be equally high, it’s recommended that you don’t log out until you have watched the Eminem concert.

If you are trying to log in at the moment and encounter the dreaded waiting in queue error for Fortnite, wait until the quene ends. Once inside the game, select ‘The Big Bang’ playlist from the lobby and wait until it loads.

Can you bypass the Fortnite waiting in queue error?

As of now, there is no way to bypass this error. Epic Games is hard at work looking into the issue. However, given the influx of players, things have gotten out of hand. On the official status page, most of the game’s features are not available.

As such, even after waiting in queue, players are not able to log into the game. Many are even reporting running into something called the “Sorry you are visiting too frequently” error.

It would seem that Epic Games is also considering taking the servers temporality offline to implement a fix. They should provide an update about the situation in a few hours.

Update (December 3): Epic Games announced recently that those who have played the OG season are privy to three compensatory rewards for The Big Bang event server issue, including 750,000 OG Pass XP, The Clawz Retro Back Bling for free, and Spectra Knight quests autocompleted. The Chapter 5 Season 1 server downtime has begun.

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