Zeenat Aman’s Advice To “Young People” Pressured To Spend On Clothes  – “Don’t Break Your Bank”

Zeenat Aman’s Advice To “Young People” Pressured To Spend On Clothes – “Don’t Break Your Bank”

Image was shared on Instagram. (Courtesy: thezeenataman)

New Delhi:

Ever since veteran actor Zeenat Aman made her debut on Instagram, there hasn’t been a single dull moment for her fans. The Don star, who can often be found sharing anecdotes about her personal and professional life, did nothing different on Tuesday. In addition, she also dolled out some valuable advice for the “young people” who get influenced upon seeing celebrities in designer wear. Sharing a picture with her son Zahaan Khan from a wedding celebration last week in Delhi, Zeenat Aman wrote, “My own wedding to the father of my children was a discreet affair. We eloped, and got married in Singapore in a low key ceremony with just two witnesses. But reserved as I am, I can’t deny the charm and madness of the “big Indian wedding”! The food, the music, the colours, the atmosphere of revelry – it’s infectious. This picture of Zahaan , Cara and I was taken at a beautiful family celebration in Delhi last week.”

Addressing the young readers, she continued in her post, “I’ll take this opportunity to let you in on a secret too. Most of the fancy designer outfits that I wear to such occasions are borrowed. The jewellery I have on was loaned to me by Vimal from Argentum. And this powder blue sharara was sent to me by my dear friend Mohini Chabria. It will be dry-cleaned and returned. I’m sharing this because I don’t want young people to feel pressured to buy new outfits or spend beyond their means just because they see celebrities in designer clothes. Whether you borrow, thrift or buy, what matters is that you don’t break your bank, and actually enjoy what you wear. And of course, in my books, comfort is key! In fact, I’ve thrown out all my high heels.”

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A few weeks back, Zeenat Aman wrote an elaborate note on Instagram revealing the interesting story behind the name of her pet and also revealed what names Dev Saab  used to call her.

The note read, “Childhood pet names can be sticky things. As a little girl, I was the apple of my father’s eye, and he used to lovingly call me Babusha. A name that emerged as a go-between Babushka and Babugosha. He had quite the sense of humour because Babushka, which refers to an old Russian lady, and Babugosha, which refers to a pear, are hardly apt monikers for one’s daughter!”

“My childhood friends, many of whose parents would socialise with my own, were quick to pick up on this nickname. In their mouths, Babusha evolved into Babs, which is how my earliest friends still know me,” the actor continued.

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Zeenat Aman is all set to make a comeback with Manish Malhotra’s Bun Tikki, alongside Shabana Azmi.

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