‘He is not technically out for the first game’: Rahul Dravid wants to wait for 36 hours before

‘He is not technically out for the first game’: Rahul Dravid wants to wait for 36 hours before

NEW DELHI: The Indian cricket team is facing additional concerns as they prepare for their inaugural World Cup match against Australia in Chennai. Shubman Gill, who has been in exceptional form recently, is reportedly dealing with a suspected case of dengue fever, which raises doubts about his availability for Sunday’s game.
Should Gill be unable to play, Ishan Kishanis a potential candidate to open the innings in his place.The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has not officially confirmed the nature of Gill’s illness. However, despite the uncertainty surrounding Gill’s participation, head coach Rahul Dravid remains optimistic, as there are still 36 hours remaining before the crucial match.

“He is feeling better today. The medical team is monitoring him, and he is doing better,” Dravid said during a press conference on Friday.

Further Dravid, who is known for being non-committal, played it safe.
“He is not technically out for the first game. The medical team is monitoring him and (we) will take the decision after tomorrow,” Dravid said.
Earlier, the BCCI said they were waiting for updates on Gill.
“He’s under the weather, the medical team is closely monitoring him. We are hoping he gets better soon. We will have to wait on more updates from the medical team,” the medical update from BCCI stated.

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Gill, India’s most prolific batter in ODIs in recent times, is reportedly down with high fever and will be tested for dengue before a final call is taken on the matter. “Shubman has had a high fever since landing in Chennai.
His tests are being done. He will have tests on Friday and a call will be taken on his participation in the opening game,” a BCCI source privy to the developments told PTI on condition of anonymity.

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If dengue is confirmed in tests, Gill could miss a couple of games in the World Cup.
The recovery from dengue normally takes 7-10 days for a player to be match-fit again. However, if there is a significant drop in the platelet count, his recuperation could take much more time.
While Gill could be a non-starter against Australia, there is a high chance that he won’t play against Afghanistan (Oct 11) and Pakistan (Oct 14) in case the recovery takes more time.
“Let’s not jump the gun. If it’s normal viral fever, he could play on antibiotics but it’s completely the medical team’s call,” the source said.
Gill, who has scored 1,200 runs this season, has forged a successful opening stand with skipper Rohit Sharma of late.
If he is absent for a long period of time, it could be a big setback for the Indian team.
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