Rumor killer on WWE signing a former world champion – Reports

Rumor killer on WWE signing a former world champion – Reports

It was earlier reported that two-time Hall of Famer Kevin Nash had signed a new contract with WWE. However, the news is reportedly false.

Kevin Nash was one of the biggest men to grace the wrestling ring. He competed in several major rivalries and won the WWE Championship once.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Kevin Nash had signed a new contract with the company. It looks like his words were misinterpreted by many in the wrestling circles, and the news is indeed incorrect.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful took to Twitter to clarify the news regarding Nash’s new contract. He stated that the 64-year-old star did not mention anything about signing a new deal with the Stamford-based promotion. Instead, he was talking about Jade Cargill’s new deal with the company.

“Kevin Nash didn’t say anything on his most recent podcast about him signing a new deal with WWE. He was talking about Jade signing her deal. Please be careful of where you get your news from and how it is disseminated and verified. Thank you,” wrote SRS.

You can see Sean Ross Sapp’s tweet below:

Nash has been hosting his Kliq This podcast since 2022. He talks about various topics related to wrestling on his show. It’s a great way for fans to gain much more information from the two-time Hall of Famer. However, it looks like his words were misinterpreted by many.

Kevin Nash spoke about WWE’s newest superstar, Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill’s signing has been the talk of the wrestling circles since last month. The newcomer will likely get a massive boost from the creative team early in her career.

On the Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash was reportedly referring to Jade Cargill’s signing instead of his own.

The 64-year-old legend stated that the only way AEW would have been able to retain her was if Tony Khan gave her millions of dollars and a private jet. However, she may have still signed with the Stamford-based promotion.

“Unless it’s five or six million and a private jet. The only thing that would have got me to AEW, WWE just signed,” Nash said.

Fans have a lot of expectations from the former AEW TBS Champion. It will be interesting to see who her first rivalry will be against in WWE as the creative team will look for a grand way to kick off her career.

Do you think Jade Cargill is the company’s biggest signing of the year? Sound off in the comments section below.

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